There are many reasons that you decide to volunteer. It is a great opportunity to learn more about a country, the local traditions and culture differently of being a tourist. And most important to be part of a project to support the children or and women in need. Be the one who creates that smile on a face and know that your support is so much appreciated! We will give our best efforts to make your stay at Zanzibar as comfortable as possible! 

We have several projects at Zanzibar where you can volunteer with a min of 2 weeks and max 3 months. The projects are teaching in schools, practice football, working with ex drugs-alcohol addicts and assisting in a Aquarium Marine Conservancy. 

Teaching in schools: Most of our volunteering projects are schools. Volunteers are needed mainly to teach English and also science at Kusini, but are always welcome to assist in any of the other subjects or activities. It’s often a good idea to become creative when planning lessons, as this is something that tends to lack in most education in both Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. Corporal punishment is generally in place as what’s considered to be an effective discipline system. We do not ask volunteers to adopt this method only to respect it. You will usually find your own method that works and may try to introduce it to the other teaching staff.

Practice football: Zanzibar Volunteers is now sponsoring a children’s football team (real kids) from a nearby village and volunteers practice with the team every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon in Stone Town. After practice, the volunteers give a 30 minute English lesson, incorporating football terms and ideas into the lessons in order to engage the children.

The Children range in age from 12 – 14 years old. Practice takes place in a field near Darajani in Stone town. A Zanzibar volunteers staff member takes volunteers to practice or more experienced volunteer. This takes place from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Many volunteers sign up for this project in addition to their morning school projects.

Mnarani Aquarium Marine Conservancy: Project hosts Green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) in natural sea water pool and tiled swimming pools. Turtles are brought in by local fishermen who have accidentally caught them in their fishing nets. You will receive more information about this project if you are interested. 

Working with ex drugs- alcohol addicts:  Sober houses are rehabilitationcenters for people recovering from drug or alcohol addictions. Many of the residents stay at these houses in order to transition back into the world and learn some new skills along the way. It has 20 residents living at the house. English, Maths, arts and crafts they like to learn here also Health care, HIV awareness, business, accounting can all be taught at the sober house.

Social Media: You can participate the media programs as journalist, website developers and photographer as well having more comprehensive full day tasks.

You can participate for a min. of 2 weeks and max 3 months. Students are allowed to volunteer with the entry visa of 22 euro/ 50 usd. Others need a special visa which cost euro 220/ 250 usd . You will stay at volunteering hostels nearby your project. Breakfast is included and at the Mnarani all meals are included ( different price then the other projects) Keep in mind that Zanzibar has a large Muslim population and therefore we ask volunteers to respect a more professional dress code.

Cost of participation and accommodation is 150 euro per week including breakfast and 50 euro administration- registration fee. ( only once) 

If you are interested to join one of the projects please sent us your application. We will sent you the all the information regarding the projects, the cost, visa cost, your accommodation, and the schedules of the participating projects.  Please apply here.

Note: looking for another project of your interest that is not mention here? Let us know and we will assist you. 

In your free time you can discover the Island Zanzibar, diving, snorkeling, visiting Stonetown or doing excursions!