Mount Kenya

The Venue: Mount Kenya Naro Moru lodge

Climbing to 5,199 meters, Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa. The scenery surrounding this designated World Heritage Site is breath-taking. It is pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and a selection of rare and endangered species of animals, high altitude adapted plains game and unique montane and alpine vegetation. Visitors can enjoy mountain climbing, camping and caving with the mountain’s rugged glacier-clad peaks providing the perfect backdrop.

You can see wildlife like elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, suni, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bushbucks, water buck and Elands. Animals rarely seen include leopard, bongo, giant forest hog . Over 130 species of birds have been recorded.

We have choosen Naro Moru lodge for your wedding venue cause of the location. Naro Moru River lodge, is built on the banks of the snow fed Naro Moru River which flows through the hotel grounds. All rooms are offering a clear view of the Mount Kenya.

The arrangement:

Obtaining special wedding license
 Allowances and transport of official
 The venue ( price depends of your preference of the venue)
 Simple decoration with local available flowers
 Flower bouquet for the bride and flower for buttonhole groom
 Champagne after the ceremony
 Special lunch or dinner
 Legalisation of the certificate for registration in your home country

Extra’s to book

 Accommodation ( highly recommended)
 Manicure and pedicure
 Half or full body massage
 Guided Nature walk
 Climbing Mount Kenya