For a civil marriage in Seychelles, couples must send us the following documents by email:

1. Copies of your passports (page with your photo)
2. Copies Birth Certificate

If applicable:
3. If previously married: Divorce decree or similar
4. If widowed: Death certificate of former spouse
5. If your name has changed: Provide legal proof

* All documents (point 2 – 5 have to be in English or French language. If you documents are in a different language you need certified translations of the documents. For some languages we can assist you with the translation.

* If you are missing may one of the listed documents, send us an email we may can help.

* Once we have received and confirmed the documents we start the paperwork with the local Registrar.

* When you travel to the Seychelles, you must bring a set of hard-copies of the documents.

Seychelles Marriage
The marriage will be conducted in English or French language by on official Seychelles’ registrar in accordance with Seychelles’ Law.
Minimum Age of either or both parties 18 years, if either party are less than 18 years a parent or legal guardian must accompany applicants.
At the end of the ceremony you and the witnesses have to sign the wedding certificate.
The wedding will be held at a beach venue on the island you are staying.
We arrange all documents for you in Seychelles, that you can enjoy your stay. You do not have to visit any office at all.
For the civil wedding ceremony 2 witnesses are mandatory, in case you are travelling alone, we provide 2 witnesses on complimentary basis.
Weddings are held from Mondays to Fridays. For weddings held on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays a supplementary charge is to be paid and can be booked only request-basis, for confirmation at the discretion of the registrar office. The weekend/public holiday fee is 250€
It is recommended to held beach wedding ceremonies during weekdays (Monday to Friday) as beaches are less crowded.
French nationals:
French nationals are required to file an application with the French Embassy on Mauritius before their marriage and follow the procedure as outlined by the French authorities.

UAE residents:
UAE residents require an additional attested document to file the marriage with the UAE authorities, read: How to file the marriage in UAE

Swiss nationals:
Swiss nationals have to provide a Wohnsitzbescheinigung/Residence Certificate and Personenstandsausweis/certificat d’état civil. As the marriage will be registered with the Swiss Consul in Seychelles, bring 2 sets of document copies to Seychelles.

Russian nationals:
Russian nationals must have their Seychelles wedding certificate translated into Russian language and stamped by the Russian embassy on Mahè. Translation & attestation service fee is 70€.

Visa/Entry Formalities Seychelles
Seychelles is a visa-free country but a visitor’s permit may be obtained upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport.

Present the following documents to the immigration officer to get a visitor permit:
1. Your Passports, valid at least 6 months after the estimated departure date
2. Valid return or onward flight tickets for duration of the visit
3. Confirmed accommodation, e.g. hotel booking, hotel voucher

Information provided by our local weddingplanning team.